Jorge Koho Mello

Brazilian, 61, constructivist educator in regenerative culture and quality of life, senior facilitator in the Gaia Education Program (

Therapist with a systemic approach (Shiatsu, Reflexology and Classical Yoga), specializing in Family and Couples Therapy. Graduated practitioner (2nd Dan black belt) and instructor of the Japanese martial art Aikido.

Worked for 18 years at Banco do Brasil (Systems Analyst, Organization & Methods, consultant and instructor in the area of didactics and methodology). Community life experiences and training in Findhorn - Scotland (Courses: Group and Workshop Leader, Gentle Warrior, Conflict Facilitation Training, Permaculture Design Course), Schumacher College - England (Courses: Simplicity and Social Change; Earth, Culture and Society - The Power of Local) and Krogerup Höjskole - Denmark (Climate Ambassador Course).

A practitioner and ordained monastic in Soto Zen Buddhism, he lives in Switzerland, where he coordinates the Zurich Zen Center, a practice center that combines traditional Zen practice with socially engaged spirituality activities, with an emphasis on the daily aspects of practice and interfaith dialogue. In this context, Koho Mello currently serves as co-spiritual director of the Zen Peacemakers Order (

Jorge Koho Mello has dedicated himself to developing and testing a system of social economy based on Buddhist ethics and the principles of E. F. Schumacher's book "Small is Beautiful".

He lives in Zürich (Switzerland), where he coordinates the activities of the Zürich Zen Center, the Soto Zen Buddhist Practice Center, which offers formal Practices and is active in Engaged Social Buddhism and Interreligious Dialogue. He is a member of the Zen Peacemaker Order, in which he is recognized as a Teacher (Sensei).

He also works as a consultant in systemic therapy and quality of life.

Training qualifications

Systemic therapy for families and couples
Porto Alegre Family Institute 2006/2008

Process simplification - Course "Simplicity and social changes,

Schumacher College, England, 2003
Conflict management - Conflict Facilitation training,
Findhorn Foundation, 1999
Zen practitioner since 1996
Monastic ordination in the Soto lineage (Shingetsu Coen Roshi, Brazil), Shuso Hossenshiki (Kuroda Roshi, Japan), Dharma Transmission in the Zen Peacemakers lineage (Barbara Salaam Wegmüller Roshi, Switzerland)
Collaborative Dialogue - Council Methodology (2012)
Zen Peacemakers International
Nonviolent communication -
Basic course with Marshall Rosenberg - 2000
Aikido - Practitioner since 1994, instructor (2nd degree/Dan)

Insbrai/Aikikai Foundation

Shiatsu - basic course and specializations

Atsukai School/Hisaiuki Yasui Sensei 1997/98

How to uncomplicate life

In this lecture, Jorge Koho Mello talks about what a simple lifestyle would be and how to cultivate it. He also gives practical tips that he applies in his own life.

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