Beginnings and endings

Na nossa existência, cada processo tem seu ponto de início e de final. Em nossas limitação humana de compreensão parcial da realidade como ela é,

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A wounded body

The Earth's unique body is wounded. The human species has seriously injured the Life Systems. We need to immediately change our way of living, as the consequences of our ignorance regarding the limits that we must respect when dealing with planetary resources are evident across the planet.

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As you read this text, no matter when it is, there will be a considerable series of crises in progress. It is part of human history to live with crises.

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Learning is a remarkable human capacity. I think that one of the things that sets our species apart is the possibility of using discriminative thinking

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Integral listening

Authentic listening requires full presence and active availability

A começar pela nossa anatomia há indicações claras do valor

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